Responsible Gambling

America777 is dedicated to responsible gaming, and we will always take the necessary steps to guarantee that we are completely supportive of all of our players in this regard.

We ensure that the games we provide bring enjoyment to all who choose to play, however we know that we also have a responsibility to all our players.

Whilst we understand that for many people online gaming is a hobby and provides a form of great entertainment, however gambling can lead to some players becoming addicted and thus using our services to fuel their addiction.

To ensure that you are gambling responsibly we have suggested some guidelines for you to follow:

Responsible Gaming

1. Do not gamble if you are recovering from a dependency or if you are under the influence of

alcohol or any other substance.

2. Give yourself a set amount of playing time and limit yourself to this time win or lose.

3. Do not rely on gambling as a source of income or to chase your losses.

4. Do not let gambling interfere with other aspects of your daily life.

5. Set yourself limits within your means, for both purchasing and losses before you begin.

If you feel at any point that your gambling is becoming irresponsible, our casino hosts have several options at their disposal to assist you and put you in touch with professionals or lead you in the right direction to seek additional help. On our side, you can request for us to put the following in place:

a) Deposit Limits - We can assist by setting you daily, weekly or even monthly limits to ensure that

you are in control of the amounts that you spend, this can be done upon request

and can even be requested for a set period after which if you wish we can come back to review.

b) Cooling Off Period - Take a break from your account; perhaps you've had a bad run and need a break;

you can ask for your account to be suspended for a specific amount of time.

c) Self-Exclusion - If you've tried all of the other alternatives and still don't feel in control,

self-exclusion may be the best option for you. To do so, speak with one of the casino hosts, who will gladly be able to action this for you.

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